Broxetten Image
Broxetten Salt Tablets
These are the perfect salt tablets for water-softeners. They are suitable for domestic and industrial use. The tablets never disintegrate as a result of the high pressure manufacturing process   Price €8.50 Available in 25kg  - 40 x 25kg bags per Pallet
Broxo 6-15
Broxo 25kg Bag
This is a small pebble like shape salt, they  are compacted for maximum efficiency. It is free from residual substances. The product dissolves evenly and gradually.   Price €8.50 - Available in 25kg  and handy smaller 10kg bags 49 x 25kg bags per Pallet
10 kg Broxo salt
Broxo Salt – 10kg
This granular salt is the great all-rounder for those water-softeners requiring a smaller grain.  They are compacted like Broxo salt to ensure their efficiency.  Like all granular they are easy to refill water-softening tanks   Price €4.50 Available in 25kg  - 40 x 25kg bags per Pallet
Hydrosoft Granualar
Hydrosoft Granualar Salt
This is a premium salt ideal for water-softeners. These perfectly rounded grains are produced in the UK to the highest standards. The grains allow the free flow so you can easily fill your water-softening tank.   Price €8.50 Available in 25kg  - 49 x 25kg bags per Pallet
Hydrosoft Tablets
Hydrosoft Tablets
These are one of the purest of water-softening tablets. They are strong & smooth tablets are compacted to ensure the last a long time.   Price €8.50 Available in 25kg and 10kg packs -  49 x 25kg bags per Pallet Available to collect at our Deports of FREE Delivery
PDV – Pure Dried Vacuum Salt
This is one of the oldest products in the world. It is Food Grade product with a large range of uses. In certain industrial uses it is used for water -softeners. But more generally it used as a food preservative, an ingredient, it also kills moss & weeds naturally and it prefect to defrost roads and paths in icy winter conditions. Price €7.50 Available in 25kg  - 49 x 25kg bags per Pallet